Top 10 Cocktails Around the World

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Mix up a few ingredients, carefully, of course, and you may be up for moments of happiness. I love cocktails and am frequently asked which are my favourites. I cannot answer that – it would be like asking a mother to choose their favourite child – so for this article, I chose 10 cocktails I enjoyed recently, on location.

Travel for me is all about the memories – the times shared with friends and family. Meeting for drinks is one of my favourite past times – and one I am particularly good at.


1. Mango and ginger Mojitos in the Maldives – perfect to watch the sun set.

Mango mojitos? Yes, please

Mango mojitos? Yes, please


2. Punch in London – going back in time is not a bad thing.

How fab do they look? And I can assure you, they were delicious.

How fab do they look? And I can assure you, they were delicious.


3. A Kir Royale with a view in France. Because one needs to rest after skiing.

A kir royale with a view. Je t'aime, Val d'Isere

A kir royale with a view. Je t’aime, Val d’Isere


4. The perfect Gin & Tonic in Madrid. Because Gin tastes better in Spain (the glasses must have something to do with it).

This is what I call a gin & tonic

This is what I call a gin & tonic


5. A very dirty martini in Beverly Hills. Where were you all my life?

Very dirty martinis... loved them!

Very dirty martinis… loved them!


6. The first summer Pimms of the season, at home in Henley on Thames. British summer in a glass.

A Pimms with a view (mind the plastic glass.. health and safety and all...)

A Pimms with a view (mind the plastic glass.. health and safety and all…)


7. A mango margarita in Mexico. The juice was freshly squeezed, which makes it count towards your 5-a-day, for sure.

Más mango margaritas, por favor!

Más mango margaritas, por favor!


8. Lychee caipirinhas in the Maldives. Possibly the best drink ever.

Lychee Caipirinha

Lychee Caipirinha


9. A glass of Taittinger on board. Because you know it will be a great flight.

I got the window seat and the wall (just the way I like it)… and the bubbles too!

I am off for 8 hours. Do not disturb.


10. Vermouth at 11.30am in Madrid. Would be rude not to partake in a national pastime.

Vermouth in Madrid, just go with it

Vermouth in Madrid, just go with it


Based on the memories, and the moments around each cocktail, I cannot help but smile – life is to be enjoyed with people you love and make you happy.

Which shared moment comes to your mind? And where? Would love to know!


Mrs O


  1. I started reading this thinking I’d be able to choose a favourite but I wasn’t!
    Food and drink are associated with usually great memories, whether it’s a great trip or family lunch at your Grandma’s table.
    Ana O recently posted..8 of my favourite dishes from around the worldMy Profile

  2. Great post. I always enjoy trying new cocktails on my travels and then trying to recreate the recipes when I’m home. It’s great way to make my travels last that little bit longer! I’d definitely recommend a Brazilian Caipirinha.
    Taylor Hearts Travel recently posted..Madeira Tips and Travel Blogs: #7POWMy Profile

  3. Always love a Kir Royale- especially with a view! White Russians are an after dinner favourite too. Once made a White Russian cheesecake! 😉 x
    WhatKateMadeNext recently posted..Non Naughty PopcornMy Profile

  4. One of these cocktails has to be on the cards this bank holiday weekend. Although I would love to be sipping them in one of these locations, London will have to do for now :)
    Bianca @itsallbee recently posted..48 Hours in Milan | Visual DiaryMy Profile

  5. I have been waiting for a post like this from you, good choices, great photos. Too late to be making cocktails?! 😉 x

  6. your mutual love of cocktails makes me so happy! AND that i introduced you to the dirty martini! mmmm so yummy.
    lola recently posted..Lessons Learned at Boston Dive BarsMy Profile

  7. i would like the following drinks in this order: #6, #2, #3, #1. please and thank you!

    but seriously, mrs o, you do know how to drink in style! xo, the wino
    the lazy travelers recently posted..jetsetters: @davidsbeenhereMy Profile

  8. Dying over the Mango Mojito in the Maldives right now. Looks delicious!
    Jeanette Hummel recently posted..Travel Channel “Dangerous Grounds” Coffee Winner & Shark FinningMy Profile

  9. Absolutely love this post – what a great roundup. I especially agree with #3 and #6 – both so good!
    Laura recently posted..London: Indulging in Two Untraditional Tea ExperiencesMy Profile

  10. Cocktails and gorgeous views, life doesn’t get much better than that! :-)
    Becky Padmore recently posted..Unspoilt places to visit in Sicily for travel snobsMy Profile

  11. I totally agree with your selection, just a tip, next time try a Bellini in Venice :)

  12. A great cocktail is essential for any trip. It’s simply not a vacation without one.
    Is it too early for a cocktail on the west coast? I am sure it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

  13. My kind of post darling! They all look amazing, and cocktails always taste better when you’re away from home. Cheers! Laura
    Laura ( recently posted..Cocktail du jour: L’Orange L’OrenMy Profile

  14. Great post – shame it’s still morning! I’m rather partial to a Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic wherever I am but I do love the goldfish bowl glasses the Spanish serve them in :)
    Suzanne (Travelbunny) recently posted..Into the Blue at Iceland’s Blue LagoonMy Profile

  15. Simon O'Reilly /

    Fantastic! And such variety and in so many places. GinTonic in Madrid in those bowls are brilliant, and the cocktails in The Maldives watching a sunset, argh such memories.

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