5 of the best rain boots for Winter

I have really done my homework on these – because believe it or not, it isn’t so easy to find great rain boots which look great and are of great quality. So here we are – from £60 to £450, perfect for the countryside or the city, here are 5 of the best rain boots for Winter, Mrs. O Style.


Burberry House Check Fringed Rubber Boots

Cost £220 from Burberry (out of stock). International readers can get them from Farfetch, Nordstrom or limited availability at Zappos (US only).

I think Burberry are doing some of the best rain boots currently – and I am very happy with mine (which are no longer in stock). All Burberry boots have the same boot base and just the top bits change. They are incredibly comfortable and bonus points for one being able to remove them using only your feet (tried and tested), which makes them perfect for travelling. Please note that they ‘bloom’ – I shall explain this below.

Burberry House Check Fringed Rubber rain Boots top 5 boots for winter rain and snow edition


Le Chameau Andalou Ponti Lined Boots

Cost £125 from Le Chameau

Also with top marks for comfort, I really like these Le Chameau riding boots, which can be worn as if they were leather (I do have a similar Tod’s pair). They have a back zip which makes them super easy to wear and they don’t lose their shape if you bend them. Please note that they ‘bloom’ – I shall explain this below.

le chameau WOMEN'S ANDALOU PONTI LINED rubber rain BOOT


Aquatalia suede boots

Cost from £400 from Farfetch. Currently on sale ($200/£175) at Nordstrom (which now ships globally). Also available in brown.

Suede boots? Am I crazy? Nope. I am slightly obsessed with Aquatalia’s range which is 100% weatherproof (and highly popular in very cold places like Canada). When I got mine, the shop assistant poured a glass of water on them (and I screamed). They are perfect and I love how they look super stylish ‘and normal’.

Women Aquatalia Franca Weatherproof Bootie rain boot


Sam Edelman Tinsley Rain Boot

Cost from £60 (including duty and transport) shipped from Amazon’s Global Store, or $50 directly from the USA (colours affect price – some start at $30).

I bought these for practical reasons – and because I wanted options which were not in black. They are not the best boots in the world (you are getting what you are paying for), but they are pretty good. They are waterproof, but benefit from warm insoles which I have added and they are much better. Good for countryside walks and city visits – and they look just like normal boots (because some times we do not want big chunky ones).

Sam Edelman Tinsley Rain Boot


Sorel Caribou Slim Boots

Cost from £125 from Net-a-Porter (Global), Amazon UK (£75), Amazon US (£100).

I had featured Sorel’s Caribou snow boots on a previous article (must have apres-ski items for your ski trip) as they are excellent – and I was surprised by this ‘slim’ version which still has some decent grip and are perfect for the rain. Top marks for comfort too and they are available in 3 colours – and, I am sure you can guess, do not require cashmere socks as they are lined and SUPER warm.
sorel caribou slim rain boots

When rubber boots bloom

Occasionally, you may notice a white powdery “bloom” on rubber boots. This is because rubber is a natural product and in certain conditions, insoluble particles may rise to the surface. This is a common process, characteristic of high quality, natural rubber and nothing to worry about. There are a number of remedies available on the internet (just search for it), but I found that rubbing olive oil helped. I used a clean cloth which I dipped into Portugal’s finest olive oil (ha ha) and rubbed them all over the Burberry and Le Chameau boots. I repeated it after a month and happy with the results.


I hope you like my selection of 5 of the best rain boots for Winter. You can also check out my top 5 lip balms to protect you from the cold.

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