My 10 Favourite Cocktails

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You know I like a cocktail or three – I was introduced to these on trips to the USA, as they weren’t very popular in Europe at all. But things have changed!!

So without further ado.. here are some of my favourite cocktails – in no particular order (please don’t ask me to do that.. I simply can’t!)


1. Mojitos

Pre dinner cocktails at Pedro e o Lobo

Pre dinner cocktails at Pedro e o Lobo in Lisbon

Pictured on the left of this image, is one of my favourite drinks. Meet Mr. Mojito! Be that a classic or flavoured.. have tried a few variations of this beauty and always go back for more. It is a perfect summer drink as it is so refreshing. This particular one was enjoyed in Lisbon with Mr O, my sister and her boyfriend.


2. Cosmopolitans

Cocktails by the pool

Cocktails by the pool in Barcelona

Think Sex and the City and you think of Cosmopolitans – a drink that became a staple in our lives. And weren’t those years fun? It takes me back to fun nights out with the girls, and this one was indeed enjoyed with very good company – with my friends Trudi and Justine at a pool party at the W in Barcelona.


3. Caipirinhas

Caipirinhas - Brazil's national drink. Pictured here, my favourites: watermelon with pepper and pineapple with mint!

Caipirinhas – Brazil’s national drink. Pictured here, my favourites: watermelon with pepper and pineapple with mint!

Oh my, this could be a firm favourite, and without a doubt a drink I miss now that I don’t live in Portugal anymore. I hate to say it, but caipirinhas in the UK simply are not up to the standard! I love pineapple caipirinhas, but also keen on strawberry, or lychee, or mango.. you get the idea. Apologies for such a bad-looking photo, but I was more interested in trying these beauties when I last went to Rio de Janeiro with Mr. O. These flavours were quite unusual and incredible!

Caipirinhas with a view - Photo by Rui Santos

Caipirinhas with a view – Photo by Rui Santos


4. Daiquiris

Love strawberry daiquiris

Love strawberry daiquiris

I usually don’t drink at all when I am at the beach or pool (water being my preference), but every now and then I love a frozen daiquiri.. preferably strawberry! This was enjoyed with my dear friend Leah when we were last in Miami – aka the last time I saw the sun, which I miss desperately!


5. Sangria

I love Rose Port sangria!

I love Rose Port sangria!

Life without sangria may not be worth living – but I am referring to a very special type of Sangria, which you can only find in Portugal. You should know by now that I am all for giving credit where it is due – and here I publicly thank nuestros hermanos in Spain for coming up with the concept, which was, without a doubt, perfected by the Portuguese. Red wine sangria? Nope! Think white wine sangria, or even better, champagne sangria – perfect for our lazy beach lunches. But the invention of the century? Rosé port sangria – it is perfect (and not particularly alcoholic). I loved trying it for the first time last summer and can’t wait for the weather to get warmer again!


 6. Georgia Peaches

Mrs O likes her cocktails

Mrs O likes her cocktails and loves a good Georgia Peach

Now we are talking.. with a Southern US accent! Georgia peaches.. well, must have been invented in the State of Georgia and have peach in it..  interestingly enough, this delicacy is always enjoyed not where it came from, but in Palm Desert, in California, with Mr. O, Leah and Lola. Fab fab fab! And of, course, they look pretty!


7. The Lividus (rather strange name, but go along with it!)

The most beautiful cocktail ever - at the W South Beach

This is possibly one of the best drinks I ever had in my life – Gin based (I love Gin & Tonic, which of course, is too simple to be called a cocktail), the Lividus is one of the signature drinks of the W hotel in South Beach, Miami. I have to say, this was a place where every cocktail we tried was delicious and quite unforgettable. I vividly remember speaking to a hotel guest who was staying for a whole week and working her way through the menu, as she simply couldn’t choose. Clever girl!


8. Mint Juleps

Mint Julep - one of my new favourites!

Mint Julep – one of my new favourites!

I had never heard of Mint Juleps until I went to New Orleans – and only because some of my lovely readers told me about it! I would describe it as a mojito, but made with bourbon whisky, rather than rum.. what is not to like?

The interesting thing, is that I have now enjoyed them in other cities – namely Paris and Zürich ever since.. and wonder.. where were they all my life?


9. Bellinis (of course!)

A bellini is always a good idea!

A bellini is always a good idea!

You thought I was going to forget? It is such a simple drink, but oh so lovely! And perfect for any time of the day :) I love Bellinis and will never forget the one I had at Harry’s Bar in Venice, technically where they were invented. This one, enjoyed with Mr. O, my BFF Trudi and her lovely husband was tasted at NYC’s Grand Central Station – it was our boys’ birthday and they deserved a treat!


10. The Mrs. O Around the World

I am not joking!

I am not joking!

I am not joking.. the lovely Bruno, the barman at the Sheraton Lisbon, in Portugal, created this incredible drink for me and we named it, well, you can guess how creative we were… This is off menu (for the time being), but if you go there, it can be made for you. I think Starwood could totally take it global – for the time being, I carry the recipe with myself on my phone!


And there you have it – some of my favourite cocktails for your online enjoyment! And as it is friday, I am certainly going to have one!



Mrs. O


  1. Matthew Baker /

    Great list, but my three favourites are:
    Dark and Stormy
    French 75
    Amaretto sour

  2. I love mojitos, and cider if of can count that as a “cocktail”! Also love daiquiris!

  3. Love love this selection of cocktails! My favourite is always Mojitos…hmm I could use one now 😉
    Aggy recently posted..Pecel: Our Takeaway MealMy Profile

  4. I’m with you on Sangria! One of my favorite drinks. The Lividus sounds delicious. I’ll have to try it if I’m every in Miami!
    Gina – One Day in a City recently posted..My Little Pony in Haast, New ZealandMy Profile

  5. This is my kind of post! Great choices – Sangris is by far my favourite drink of all time xx
    Scarlett recently posted..How To Date A Total Creep This Valentine’s Day…My Profile

  6. you know how i feel about cocktails. our LOVE of them is MUTAL 😉
    lola recently posted..The Great Escape – Verbier, Switzerland EditionMy Profile

  7. LOVE that you have a cocktail named after yourself. so fitting.
    the lazy travelers recently posted..laws to travel by – #34My Profile

  8. I’m more of a wine than cocktail drinker, but between reading your and Lola’s posts, I am tempted to expand my repertoire… 😉 I guess sangria would be the natural first.

  9. YUM! Mojitos and sangrias are our go to cocktails. Wouldn’t mind an aunthentic caipirihinas every now and then either..
    Kieu ~ GQ trippin recently posted..Stuff on BikesMy Profile

  10. Oh, I definitely want to try one of those Mrs.Os! I’m currently waiting to board my flight and I could use one of each right about now. I also realized that Chris and I need a cocktail named after us.
    Tawny of Captain and Clark recently posted..Pickpocket Proof Pants (Giveaway!)My Profile

    • @mrsoaroundworld /

      OH but with your name being Tawny, I can think of a world of port possibilities!! fab!!

  11. Those cocktails all look so yum! Have to say…my favourites are the cocktails with the view! Sangria is a travel staple when I visit Spain. I think it is safe to say it is a daily occurrence. Love that they named a cocktail after you.

  12. Brilliant theme for #FriFotos – enjoyed looking back on all my cocktail-related pics – great memories! Plus all your photos look yummy too!
    Fiona recently posted..The Real Life Letters to Juliet in VeronaMy Profile

  13. Lots of wholesomeness and goodness in this post! I used to make caipirinhas at parties I hosted at home but it was a lot of work so I devised a “make-it-forward” program: I set up a few with squeezed/mashed limes in and when you picked it up to finish preparing yours, you prepare the limes for the next glass! Good list, my list would have a few of these!

    • @mrsoaroundworld /

      You are right – caipirinhas are a little pain to make.. hence why I never make them at home. But like your tip.. hum!

  14. All the hotels I visit, surely I can convince one of them to create a cocktail for me…
    D.J. – The World of Deej recently posted..Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island – Picture of the WeekMy Profile

  15. Rodrigues Pereira /

    Dear Mrs. O.,
    Since you’re in the neighborhood, can I suggest you try a late afternoon Pimm’s Nr. 1 at the Palm Court, Park Lane Hotel, London? Please tell the bartender that you wnt it with “all due ingredients” :-) One of a kind ! Cheers!

    • @mrsoaroundworld /

      Summer Pimms? My favourite!! :) love it!! And I make a good one, if I may say!

  16. Therese /

    Great selections! I love love cocktails – and that picture of the capirinhas is magic

    • @mrsoaroundworld /

      Oh thank you! The picture by Rui Santos is amazing – delighted he let me use it!

  17. I’m loving the look of all of these!!! Have you tried Hendrick’s gin flavoured with cucumber – delish and Beefeater 24 is amazing – not that I’m a connoisseur or anything…. 😉
    Suzanne (Travelbunny) recently posted..The View from The ShardMy Profile

  18. I love the idea of the Mrs O cocktail! Oh and cosmopolitans in Barcelona – they are good every where in the world!

  19. Francesco /

    You forgot the spritz from Italy! I have seen them in other posts of yours and I know you like it! Will you have some when you come to Milan??

    I love capirinhas tooo.. need to try that sangria!

    • @mrsoaroundworld /

      I didnt forget forget.. I had to narrow it down to 10.. and didn’t have a good photo! Shall have an aperol spritz in Milan next week indeed!!

  20. Mrs. O, I need to try the Mrs O cocktail! Im going to the Sheraton Lisbon tonight for drinks and will take the recipe with me just in case!! Love this post – have a great weekend!

  21. Simon O'Reilly /

    Ohhhhh! It is a cold but sunny day here in UK and you post all these pictures that remind me of the summer and beaches and great nights out. As you say don’t ask for the Top 10 way too difficult and depends on the location and time of night! Great idea to do this – fun! Hope Starwood Brand no 10!

    • @mrsoaroundworld /

      Thank you Mr O, always a pleasure to see you reading my blog. And here’s to many more cocktails around the world!

  22. Mrs. O Around the World seems very delicious, the cocktail, I mean 😉 beautiful cocktails from around the world indeed! Love it!
    Paula Cristina recently posted..#FriFotos of the week: CocktailsMy Profile

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