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5 interesting, healthy, quick and easy cookbooks

Are you in need of new healthy, quick and easy cookbooks? Well, after 10 years of cooking at home in the UK, Mr. O and I certainly were.

But it wasn’t just about any cookbooks – we really have been going down a healthier route and absolutely want to make things interesting, whilst trying to eat much better.

I did a cookbook post in 2018, namely as a way to share with my friends ‘the new cookbooks’ I was using, and it was surprisingly popular amongst readers too – as were some recipes I did (for exactly the same reason). In case you missed it: a quick tabbouleh or a mango salsa.

Without further ado, here are 5 new interesting, quick and easy cookbooks for you to try at home, wherever you are in the world.


The 6-week programme by Louise Parker

Costs £20 from Amazon[amazon_link asins=’1784725374|1784725374|1784725374|1784725374|1784725374′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mroarthwo-21|mrsoaroundw0b-21|mrsoaroundw01-21|mrsoaroundw0a-21|mrsoaroundw0d-21′ marketplace=’UK|FR|ES|DE|IT’ link_id=’07f0d53d-6d1b-4b8d-bc46-db425a82e8fe’] (discounted in the UK currently for £6.99)

I am actually on the 52-week programme with LP’s team and finding the book a source of recipe inspiration but also a great gift for friends. I literally bought 10 recently and now down to 5. All recipes are pretty simple and super tasty.

10 interesting, healthy, quick and easy cookbooks louise parker 6 week programme


Khazana: An Indo-Persian cookbook with recipes inspired by the Mughals by Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

Costs £8.99 from [amazon_textlink asin=’1473678560|1473678560|B076H621KG|B076H621KG|1473678560′ text=’Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mroarthwo-21|mrsoaroundw0a-21|mrsoaroundw01-21|mrsoaroundw0d-21|mrsoaroundw0b-21′ marketplace=’UK|DE|ES|IT|FR’ link_id=’12ab2bad-2a7e-44d7-bf8a-97e50dabeb80′]

I loved Saliha when she was on Masterchef and delighted she got this book deal. Her flavours are very exciting and ‘different’, but the recipes are again simple (or I cannot follow them).

10 interesting, healthy, quick and easy cookbooks Khazana An Indo-Persian cookbook with recipes inspired by the Mughals Saliha Mahmood Ahmed masterchef uk


Bazaar: Vibrant vegetarian and plant-based recipes by Sabrina Ghayour

Costs £7.99 on [amazon_textlink asin=’178472517X|178472517X|B07KFL54MG|B07KFL54MG|178472517X’ text=’Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mroarthwo-21|mrsoaroundw0a-21|mrsoaroundw01-21|mrsoaroundw0d-21|mrsoaroundw0b-21′ marketplace=’UK|DE|ES|IT|FR’ link_id=’3be19c8e-97fd-4434-9030-6654d61214d9′]

I have featured Sabrina’s previous book on my first cookbook post and had some seriously lovely feedback from many readers – I am not vegetarian and I find the book useful for side dishes too. I am really into ‘Middle Eastern’ flavours, as you can probably tell!

10 interesting, healthy, quick and easy cookbooks Bazaar Vibrant vegetarian and plant-based recipes Sabrina Ghayour


Simple by Ottolenghi

Costs £16 from Amazon[amazon_link asins=’1785031163|1785031163|1785031163|2011356830|1785031163′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mroarthwo-21|mrsoaroundw0a-21|mrsoaroundw01-21|mrsoaroundw0d-21|mrsoaroundw0b-21′ marketplace=’UK|DE|ES|IT|FR’ link_id=’eb10e9ee-a192-4871-bb31-bd507462e7e4′]

S – short on time: less than 30 minutes I – 10 ingredients or less M – make ahead P – pantry L – lazy E – easier than you think – I tend to favour the S and the E dishes (I tell no lies) and that is fine by me. You can try some of the recipes at one of his restaurants in London (I like Belgravia for a quick bite).

10 interesting, healthy, quick and easy cookbooks simple by ottolenghi


Lisboeta: Recipes from Portugal’s City of Light by Nuno Mendes

Costs from [amazon_textlink asin=’1408877015|3791384481|1408877015|1408877015|9897418547′ text=’Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mroarthwo-21|mrsoaroundw0a-21|mrsoaroundw0d-21|mrsoaroundw0b-21|mrsoaroundw01-21′ marketplace=’UK|DE|IT|FR|ES’ link_id=’e930e31c-2a80-46ae-bf30-ad0e42da07ec’]

You may have heard of Nuno Mendes in London – he is the executive chef of Chiltern Firehouse and has a few projects of his own (and is doing a great job of putting Portuguese food on the European map – and it needs the extra attention). I love this book as it really taught me how to cook some of the Portuguese staples I never thought I could. It has simple recipes like grilled sardines and pepper salad and a fabulous prawn and seafood rice, which I never thought I could cook myself. There you go.

5 interesting, healthy, quick and easy cookbooks Lisboeta Recipes from Portugal's City of Light by Chef Nuno Mendes Chiltern Firehouse


So here’s to a great Summer – I hope you enjoy one or two of these interesting, healthy, quick and easy cookbooks (and let me know how you get on!)


Mrs. O

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