Finding 12 shades of blue in the Maldives

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On my recent trip to the Maldives, I learned something truly fascinating: there are 12 ways to describe the word blue in the local language. And blue just happens to be my favourite colour.

I don’t know the actual words (and I did try to google them), but here is my interpretation of what I saw.


1. ‘I can see 12 shades of blue without trying too hard’ shade of blue. And if I take a deep breath, the world stands still.

It really was (at Lux Maldives)

It really was paradise at Lux Maldives


2. ‘I will never leave my room because I have a pool and the sea’ shade of blue. On one of the days, we were so lazy we ordered in breakfast and lunch, and I am not ashamed to admit it (says she who never orders room service, ever).

No need to go anywhere. At Constance HalaveliNo need to go anywhere. At Constance Halaveli

No need to go anywhere, when you have a room like this at Constance Halaveli.


3. ‘I am really tired from swimming, I will just rest for a couple of hours’ shade of blue. And I can just stare at the horizon. Or read a book.

I sat down for hours at Iru Fushi

I sat down for hours at Iru Fushi


4. ‘I will never go to a beach with other people’ shade of blue. And if I see someone else, I will wonder what they are doing there.

Not a soul, if I don't want to see anyone - at Iru Fushi

Not a soul, if I don’t want to see anyone – at Lux Maldives


5. ‘It is quite refreshing to see other colours rather than blue’ shade of blue. If you leave your room for a walk around the island.

Blue goes well with white sand. And green. At Constance Halaveli

Blue goes well with white sand. And green, at Constance Halaveli


6. ‘I have just realised that my clothes are also blue’ shade of blue. Seriously, 80% of the clothes I took were indeed blue. I kid you not.

Navy dress, a tan and a smile. Sunset happiness at Iru Fushi

Navy dress, a tan and a smile. Sunset happiness at Iru Fushi


7. ‘I will only drink juice if the colour matches with the rest’ shade of blue. And I cannot tell you how lovely this freshly squeezed papaya juice was.

How is that for the perfect colour combination? At Lux Maldives

How is that for the perfect colour combination? At Lux Maldives


8. ‘This is my type of airport’ shade of blue. No need for lounges and business class (who am I kidding?)

It was a little bit noisy, but oh so convenient. Arriving in style at Constance Halaveli

It was a little bit noisy, but oh so convenient. Arriving in style at Constance Halaveli


9. ‘If I stay in the water all day, my legs will finally get darker’ shade of blue. Because I was almost transparent when I arrived to the Maldives. Seriously.

Good to see some magic happening to my legs. At Iru Fushi

Good to see some magic happening to my legs at Iru Fushi


10. ‘When the sun sets, it is time for a gin and tonic with a view’ shade of blue. One of my favourite moments of the day.

Only here I watch the sun set with intent. At Lux Maldives

Only here I watch the sun set with intent – at Lux Maldives


11. ‘The clearest water in the world’ shade of blue. 

And one cannot be happier either. At Constance Halaveli

And one cannot be happier either. At Constance Halaveli


12. ‘One can be really good at something’ shade of blue. I am almost an Olympic champion at ‘beaching’, I kid you not.

I am better at this than skiing. At Iru Fushi.

I am better at this than skiing. At Iru Fushi.


What is your favourite shade of blue?


Mrs. O


Disclaimer: I was a guest of Lux Maldives, Constance Halaveli and Iru Fushi on my recent trip to the Maldives. Reviews on each property coming soon.



  1. I took another peek at this post whilst here. It takes me to a happy place!
    Janice Stringer recently posted..The Ease of Travelling Between London and Paris by EurostarMy Profile

  2. Blue is my favorite color too! I already imagine myself in one of these blues next month on our trip and stay at Iru Fushi.
    Grace @ Sandier Pastures recently posted..The longest and largest river in Japan and random foodie memoriesMy Profile

  3. Mrs O, possibly we are soulmates- blue is also my favourite colour! On that basis, you should take me in the hydroplane next time… :) x
    WhatKateMadeNext recently posted..Recipes that recycle foodMy Profile

  4. Indeed its always blue and remain blue forever.

  5. Hi there Mrs O,

    As I sit here wearing my various shades of blue,I can honestly say that I am ‘green’ with envy as I look at your beautiful photographs of the Maldives. Did you try scuba diving to take a look at the blue from another perspective?
    Janice Stringer recently posted..5 Top Tapas Dishes to TryMy Profile

  6. Oh my goodness! I love all the pictures. I want to go to Maldives now. Looking at number 5 makes me feel as if I could hide behind those shrubs and take in the views forever.
    Bianca @itsallbee recently posted..48 Hours in Milan | Visual DiaryMy Profile

  7. Lindsay /

    Lovely! Will you be doing any detailed reviews of the places you stayed? Very interested in knowing how you found Lux* to be, will be staying there in September.

  8. Elma in Tokyo /

    Looking forward to the reviews of the three places you stayed at!

    I’m hoping (fingers crossed!) for a Maldivian Xmas and not sure where to stay… There are so many atols and not sure where to start :(

    That or I could just take a year off from travelling and save up for the French Polynesia. But who can take a year off from plane hopping?!

    • The Maldives are fab! I already have 2 reviews from places I loved from my 2013 trip 😉 reviews coming up shortly and you are totally right, difficult to know where to start!

  9. Wow!! I want them all. What a drool-worthy post. Stunning!!!
    Travelingpanties recently posted..Welcome Travelingpanties: A Review of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in LondonMy Profile

  10. My favorite is the clearest water in the world blue. Wow, what a place. You and Mr O’Reilly must have had a fantastic time!

  11. No wonder they have so many words to describe blue — it’s paradise! Blue skies, blue waters… what’s a good word describing a blue cocktail? 😉
    Kae Lani | A Travel Broad recently posted..Travel Porn: Berlin, GermanyMy Profile

  12. You’ve redefined the phrase “feeling blue”. Loved the article.

  13. Numbers 3,7,9, and 11 are a few of my favorite shades of blue. The water looked unbelievable clear. You have us seething with jealousy over here. Must.Get.There.
    Tawny of Captain and Clark recently posted..Things to know before traveling to IcelandMy Profile

  14. i love it “Olympic Champion” of beaching!! i wish i had a medal to put on this weekend while i try my best Olympic ability at beaching in Miami!! the photos are gorgeous.
    lola recently posted..One Day Stay: Palm Springs, CaliforniaMy Profile

  15. Chinmoy Lad /

    So much blue! It’s such a great colour – and the Maldives has plenty of it, which is why it’s one of my favourite places.

  16. Absolute heaven. It’s so beautiful it’s unreal. And peaceful. Just the never-ending blue horizon and a cocktail and that could be my happy place. . . Thanks for the gorgeous pics!
    Laura ( recently posted..Maine Monday: Farm to Flanagan’s TableMy Profile

  17. Number 7, please! Such gorgeous pics!

  18. love them all, but the colors in that one with the papaya juice is PERFECTION.
    the lazy travelers recently posted..parisian perfection on the île saint-louisMy Profile

  19. Lucky you, looks gorgeous! :-)
    Becky Padmore recently posted..10 amazing places to visit in the Galapagos IslandsMy Profile

  20. They’re all splendid shades of blue, but I’d have to go with #4. I like an empty beach. A lot.
    Leah recently posted..24 Hours in Munich, GermanyMy Profile

  21. Oh my goodness. Jealous isn’t even the word. This looks incredible!

    I love that photo of you floating in the sea. I think you have every shade of blue in there, including the shade of your bikini!
    Monica recently posted..My secret to packing lightMy Profile

  22. Lovely photos! They make me want to hop on a plane and head to the Maldives asap! Fingers crossed the water in Bora Bora is as blue as in your pictures! Going in July!
    Jessica | A Passion and A Passport recently posted..F is for FLORIDA KEYS: Part of the #wanderlustseriesMy Profile

  23. Very very nice way to make us want to go there as soon as possible. Thank you for the dream.
    Stephanie recently posted..Spotted – Thyme House boutique hotel and rentalsMy Profile

  24. Chinmoy Lad /

    Fantastic blog, and and an even better trip by the looks of things Ana! Great work.

  25. Karine /

    Do I have to pick one shade ? So far all of them suits me really well :-)

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