Top 5 Accessories for iPhone – 2018 Edition

Phone accessories come and go – just like your phone. But some last more than others – so I thought I would gather my Top 5 accessories for iPhone. In my case, I currently have an iPhone X (I upgraded from a 7s and couldn’t be happier).


Peel Super Thin Cases for Iphone (and other phones too)

Costs from £17.99 UK, $25.99 USA (ships internationally to pretty much everywhere)

top 10 accessories for iphone peel super thin cases

Peel do beautiful phone cases – they are so thin, they are almost not there. I am on my third case (in 2 phones) and I really really like them. They do break after a while (I would expect mine to last for 6 months) and I would only recommend the non jet coloured version. Also, worth nothing, they take their sweet time to arrive (not overnight delivery or anything like that), BUT they are my absolute favourites.


Anker iPhone X Screen Protector for Apple iPhone X / 10 (2017) with DoubleDefence Technology

Costs £5.99 from Amazon UK, $8.99 from Amazon USA

I have never had iPhone screen covers until I upgraded to the iPhone X – there was no real need for me and I never cracked a screen. But for some reason, I keep dropping my phone and have now cracked 2 screens (but the phone is pristine).

I have tried a few covers and these are pretty good (and cheap) – I now always have a spare when I travel, just in case. As my main screen cover, I had a Belkin tempered glass cover professionally installed at Gatwick airport and it is going strong after a month.


Top 10 accessories for iphone Anker iPhone X Screen Protector for Apple iPhone X : 10 with DoubleDefence Technology


uGreen iPhone Stand to watch films

Costs: £6.95 from Amazon UK,  and £6.99 from Amazon USA

Some people swear by those things you switch on the back of your phone, but personally, I really don’t need to carry it around, so I found this phone cradle or holder which folds to almost nothing and is easy to take on any trip. It holds an iPad as well, making it quite useful for the bath (don’t judge).

top 10 accessories for iphone x Phone Holder cradle to watch movies with iphone Desktop Phone Stand



Ravpower USB Charging Station

Costs £17.99 from Amazon UK, $25.00 from Amazon USA

I am done with all adaptors and normal USB multi chargers – we changed to this one 6 months ago and life is much easier as you don’t place the USB plugs right on the socket, causing it to disconnect from the wall. This charging station as a cable from the plug, so you can place it on top of a table and then charge all your devices in a civilised manner. It has been great for travelling as you only need one adapter.

If I am going on a proper trip and taking a few suitcases, I now take this extension strip.




Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar iPhone Adapter

Costs £29.99 from Amazon UK, $33 from Amazon USA


I am one of those who was very sad when Apple removed the headphone jack from the new phones – I love my Bose in-ear noise-cancelling headphones and have no intention to stop using them. So this mini accessory works for me, namely when travelling.

Other basic iPhone accessories for me are:


Obviously I could go on and on with this list – but it is pretty complete (and the goal here is not to need 100 different items). What are your favourite and/or must have phone accessories? Let me know.

Also, if you are in the USA, feel free to visit my Amazon Influencer profile which has an ‘interesting’ selection of items – I hope this feature gets localised shortly, so you can all have a look 🙂



Mrs. O


PS. This post is not sponsored by Amazon (I am one of its best customers). It includes affiliate links, which means I will make a TINY commission if you buy anything (but at no extra cost for you).


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  1. Chris

    March 9, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    Great list. Also approved!

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