I loved trying White Port and Tonic

An English summer tradition: the BBQ

@mrsoaroundworldAugust 20, 2012
La Jolla, California
North America

So hard to leave San Diego, California

@mrsoaroundworldAugust 14, 2012
A spa room with a view

Is cruising for me? My honest opinion

@mrsoaroundworldAugust 13, 2012
This was my welcoming view at Herdade do Esporão

Wine, sun and lux in Alentejo, Portugal

@mrsoaroundworldAugust 7, 2012
Cocktails at sunset - A masterclass!

Summer cocktails, anyone? Mojitos and Sangria onboard

@mrsoaroundworldJuly 31, 2012
Hard to beat this...

My secret place: Fazenda Nova, Algarve

@mrsoaroundworldJuly 27, 2012
NUXE Summer Sale: 30% off on orders over £20


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