How I fell in love with Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I first went and fell in love with Rio de Janeiro some years ago, and was so impressed, I always promised I would go back. It took me 5 years - 5 years too many. To say that Rio de Janeiro is stunning, it is an understatement - it is sexy, "heartbreakingly" beautiful and elegant. Everything a girl wants to be!

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Glass of Porto, anyone?

With the excuse of my book launch, I had the opportunity to visit Porto in late 2011 (with a little hop to Spain), which is Portugal's second largest city. The city which gave its name to Port, Oporto has been the home of British wine shippers and their families for over three centuries.

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Mrs O’s Lisbon – her address book!

Nov 28, 11 Mrs O’s Lisbon – her address book!

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It is quite interesting that my beloved hometown - Lisboa - is becoming quite a popular destination for weekend breaks. This is good news for the "current economic climate", but also because, in my humble opinion, it is quite a place. Here are my favourite places.

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